Ria Martinez is a dog-enthusiast and also happens to do art for a living. She writes and illustrates her webcomic about gay aliens and their Earth dwelling friends called "Starry Eyed". She has contributed to "Beyond II: The Queer Post-Apocalyptic & Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology".  She has also done coloring work for Boom! Studios.  She is currently working on "Last Bell" and "Casual Hex" with Taneka Stotts!

Contact and Links:

e-mail: riadoodles.art@gmail.com

twitter: twitter.com/riasaur

Instagram: instagram.com/riadoodles

tumblr: riadoodles.tumblr.com

patreon: patreon.com/riadoodles

webcomic: starry-eyed-comic.tumblr.com